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Here are some commonly asked questions. If you do have more questions for us, you can also submit a question down below or simply book an appointment with us!

Can i get a bulk-billed eye test?

Yes! as long as you are a current Medicare cardholder, a comprehensive eye test can be bulk billed – this means there is no out-of-pocket payment.

What are progressive lenses  

progressive lenses are essentially lenses that have multiple prescription blended together, which allows the use of one pair of glasses to do close-up work (e.g. reading), intermediate-distance (using a computer) and distance tasks (such as driving) without the need to change glasses.

Who can use progressive lenses?

Almost anyone over the age of 40 who have presbyopia (difficulty reading without the aid of glasses) can benefit from progressive lenses

Does blue light glasses work?

  • Blue light affects our sleep - blue light reduces the amount of melatonin production (affects circadian rhythm)

  • melatonin is important for our quality of sleep - important for children who are still developing but are using electronic devices more frequently

  • most blue light comes from the sun, therefore staring at the screen at nighttime in a way acts like staring at the Sun early in the morning

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