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Eyecare tips

General tips for eyecare...

Regular eye tests 

We always recommend our patient to start with 30-minute eye test at least once a year. Some of us may need to be tested more often if we have particular eye conditions or if we’re over 40.

Regular GP visits 

Keep an eye on your general health as many health conditions can affect your eyes as well.

Balanced diet & exercise

​​Fish – for Omega-3 fatty acids

Fruit - bilberries, blueberries, prunes, raisins, and strawberries as they are rich in antioxidants - essential vitamins and minerals

Leafy green vegetables

Garlics - enhance blood flow and boost the immune system

Rest your eyes


Take a 2–3-minute break from the screen every 45 minutes

Limit your children’s computer and gaming activity to 45 minutes a session

Order anti-reflective coating on your glasses to minimise glare

Slide on UV protection

UV ray often causes irreversible harm!  These harmful rays from the sun have been linked to damages such as cataracts and conjunctival changes. Slide un your as often as possible. If you don't have one, visit our store for a wide variety of options!

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